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The Power of Online Reviews in Growing Your Business:
How to Embrace Yelpification

LotCon-Local-Business-Online-Reputation280As more and more consumers turn to the Internet for extra information about certain businesses and offers before making their purchases, the onus is on marketers and business entrepreneurs in attracting and convincing these consumers to choose their brand and products/services over competitors.

Web consumers are increasingly discerning over their purchases of all sorts while relying on peer reviews, comments and feedback from the market. This is known as securing more information to make better informed decisions such as purchases.

Business “yelpification” is a new term that is coined from the rapidly changing ways businesses are conducted today. It is defined as a process in which businesses are reviewed by online communities to create a greater awareness of the business or brand with up-to-date feedback and reviews.

Business Yelpification Today

Yelpification is becoming more significant in web consumers’ online transactions as they continue to seek more information about their preferred products and services before making a purchase. Reliable and accurate reviews are highly sought after to enable web consumers to make intelligent purchases that would accord them higher savings and better quality goods or services.

As web consumers become more tech-savvy today, it is not difficult to search online what others feel about certain products, services, brands or companies. Web consumers must also remember to verify the information they received to be true and up-to-date before manipulation.

Online reviews on brands, businesses, products and services as well as marketers are crucial marketing elements to both consumers and companies as they could compel the potential business leads towards or against the brand and business. Good reviews are not biased or untrue to benefit web consumers in their purchases or interactions with the brand or business as well as the marketer.

Better buying decisions are executed with a more pleasant and satisfying personal online experience when the right reviews, comments and feedback are procured from the right sources. However, it could be true that “one man’s meat is another man’s poison” where some consumers may be totally taken in with a product or service while others might find it otherwise. It is up to the web consumer to trust the reviews and gauge for themselves the reliability and usefulness of such feedback or comments by other consumers. After all, different consumers have different needs, requirements and expectations.

Nevertheless, good reviews offer marketers, brands and businesses, higher credibility with a transparency that would draw more potential buyers and supporters of the brand. Marketers and business owners need to work diligently in winning online communities that would generate favorable reviews on their behalf to boost their market credibility, brand presence and sales in more profits.

Yelpification has the power to influence or change the mind and decision of web consumers in making a purchase or supporting a brand or business. In a sense, it is ‘people power’ that influences or convinces others to take on the same stance or mind, but every discerning consumer would confirm the validity and reliability of every feedback or review posted on the Internet as there are many cases of fraud with fake or biased reviews generated.

Tips in Engaging Yelpification More Dynamically

1) Create a Responsive Website

Having a responsive website draws better reviews as web consumers are concerned about flexibility and versatility when visiting a website especially a commercial website. The website should be aptly optimized to cater to the different modes of access, such as mobile phones and mobile devices.

As technology progresses with the emerging mobile technology, websites that desire favorable online reviews must be mobile friendly. This augurs well with search engines to accord higher web page rankings that also boost web traffic. More sales could be generated to grow the business. Google continuously tweaks its search algorithms to seek out websites that implement newer technologies and solutions that would optimize its performance.

If the marketer continually upgrades the website according to technology updates, better reviews would be procured.

2) Proactive Engagement with Potential Leads

Good reviews or yelpification require active interaction between the marketer and potential leads. Marketers must take the initiative in engaging business prospects and customers all the time to woo them over instead of being lured away by competitors which are plentiful in the market.

If a strong relationship is established with potential leads and customers, there would be greater satisfaction amongst them, which could lead them on to become unofficial brand ambassadors. This would become the best type of reviews any brand or marketer could desire as these are true customers who are satisfied with the brand or products. Their opinions matter to other consumers who want to experience the same joy and satisfaction; they are an excellent source of testimony for the brand and company to win more customers and sales.

Marketers who make time and effort to engage with potential leads on products and services in one-to-one online discussions would be building up a strong base for their brand and business. The sky’s the limit on choice of discussion topics which need not be always pertaining to the brand or business. Marketers should prepare the right platform for potential leads and customers to feel good about the brand and goods that would encourage them to offer favorable feedback and comments with a lot of ‘Likes’.

When more participants join the online discussions, the reputation of the brand and the business would grow to impact sales for the business. The marketer who is able to direct the online discussion well would gain credibility as a market leader to be esteemed in the industry. Web consumers could go the extra mile with word-of-mouth promotions on the brand and business until customers become advocates.


Good online reviews are instrumental in boosting the brand and business in any industry as they establish credibility in the market. Even if there were a few bad reviews, this could have a positive impact on the brand and business growth as discerning consumers would recognize that there is no perfect brand, product or service in the market. Hence, there is credibility in that brand of products or services.

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