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Keep Your Customers HappyYou want to please all of your customers, but the problem is they are all different and unique. Pleasing all of them is impossible. Rather select a small segment and try to please them and automatically the number of happy customer grows.

I know of quite a few experienced business men who usually take a feedback from their customers. This is an excellent method of knowing the needs of the customer but the feedback must be used with discretion.

However, some business men may make the mistake in taking each suggestion very seriously and thus constantly change their product line and business practices. But this constant change may make the businesses unstable and cause frustration, extra cost and extra work.

Customer feedback is important but their interpretation is critical. You can’t please every one rather try to please those you can. Find out the customer need and then streamline the products and services.

Be intelligent in business. Get focused on what needs to be done and the profits will grow. Choose quality over quantity. Try to please the one’s you can. Trying to please everyone will end up pleasing no one. Create a better strong business by combining your strength and majority of customer needs.

Let’s take here an example of a business woman who owned a jewelry store. She has an expertise on diamonds and 60% of her clientele come for that. She also keeps other gold and silver jewelry. She should have been more focused on diamonds and not dilute her market with other things, and grown bigger.

She could have done surveys which are diamond oriented and could have become the biggest diamond retailer in the neighborhood, by just adjusting her focus.

Always try to focus on your strengths rather than weaknesses. You’ll prosper as a brand and bigger service provider.

Do your best to please people and leave the one’s you can’t. You’ll have more happy customers and strong and stable business.

Here are some tips:

  • You can’t please everyone, so only try to please those you can.
  • Find out your customer requirements.
  • Eliminate ideas that are not focused on customer’s desires.
  • Build on the areas that cater to customer needs.

Here are some important points you should keep in mind while customer handling:

  • Everyone is different and unique.
  • Customer feed back is essential but your interpretation of that is critical.
  • Pleasing everyone is not possible so try to please the one’s you can and you’ll end up with more happy customers.

You must combine your strength and desire to Keep Your Customers Happy to create a better and strong business.


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