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Pay-per-Click (PPC) marketing programs are fast becoming popular with the myriad of dynamic tools available for affiliates to leverage on. Small and new businesses are sprouting up like mushrooms in the market banking on PPC campaigns with 5 golden tips for success.

1) Dynamic Keyword Insertion

One of the most effective marketing components in PPC marketing is the application of dynamic keyword insertion features. This marketing option functions to replace a specific headline or description term found on the ad copy in conjunction to web user searches. However, the search query must be fit into the allotted parameter limits for a successful execution.

This marketing option component is also called params or inserts although DKI or long form keyword is common with Google AdWords advertising. A specific word is extracted from the identified keyword list which users use in their searching activities to be inserted directly into the ad copy using braces.

The ad copy works to display related words to the identified keywords unless the query is not part of the keyword list or too long to fit the allotted limit length; then the default term is applied. The system could also include trademarked terms in the identified keyword list, but the default would be displayed. This allows unapproved ads to be executed and not be flagged.

The Dynamic Keyword Insertion feature requires a specific manipulation of the casing or bracket which distinguishes its application on the inserted term to be displayed. Marketers must remember the nature of their preferred keywords to be advertised to be calibrated aptly on DKI for the proper display. It is a case-sensitive search feature which defines the display of the term to be searched for in the ad copy that encourages higher click-through rates.

Web users who search for keywords or preferred terms may not even be aware of DKI activation as long as they get the desired result quickly.

2) Exact Match Keywords

Another golden tip to enhance PPC marketing results is the deployment of exact keywords to be matched when activated in online searches. This is more advantageous over broad matching keywords for a wider market exposure without attracting irrelevant traffic to the website which could incur more cost to the company. A broad match of keywords tends to have the ad work harder and longer to secure all types of words close to the keyword or with related connotations which web users may or may not find useful. For the marketers on a tight budget, tangible results must be procured quickly from every PPC campaign; this refers to the recommended exact match keywords to be applied.

3) Choice Advertising Platforms

PPC campaigns are more likely to succeed when the ads are aptly placed in relevant and helpful sites and platforms such as popular search engines like Google or dynamic social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. These popular platforms are dynamic in displaying PPC ads effectively and efficiently within blocks for better promotions of the brand and business on their pages.

Creative PPC management services would always take the effort to customize the preferred ads to suit the placement platform or network of varied targeted audiences. This would draw in the right crowd to boost business sales and brand awareness as each network or website attracts different types of web users. Marketers need to tailor their sales copy and preferred keywords with separate bids for the search engines to enjoy higher SERP listing and results.

4) Activate Negative Keywords PPC Campaign

Small businesses on a low or tight budget should consider activating negative keywords which is often ignored by established players in the market. This vibrant PPC campaign marketing tip is excellent in controlling excessive ad spending where a few selected negative keywords would ensure the right search process is activated without indulging in expensive irrelevant searches. Negative keywords refer to additional words which may be included in the primary keyword to generate a long-tail keyword that would narrow down searches for quicker search results.

PPC campaigns need to be aptly focused to generate outstanding results that benefit the advertiser or marketer. If the campaign is not precise in its goal and objectives, the target would be off-course and missed with possibly heavy losses. Global marketing options would require a more precise identification of niche global markets to enjoy the right groups of consumers coming through in larger volumes.

Each specific market could implement a special zip code for an accurate delivery where higher conversions are possible with the prompt delivery services and stellar customer assistance through a strong customer relationship established.

5) Optimizing Landing Pages

Another vibrant PPC campaign tip is to ensure a strong ad copy which matches the well-designed landing page that would prompt web visitors on the right call-to-action response. This would certainly raise the percentage of successful conversions if the landing page is optimized appropriately with the latest SEO features.

The ad copy and keywords must also be optimized with regular tests to ensure their effectiveness at the landing page. Marketers could experiment with different types of call-to-action formats or phrases to analyze the best outcomes in conversions. The PPC marketing campaigns could always be improved until the best fit is found.


PPC campaigns are very effective if the proper deployment is executed through useful and proven tips and tricks by diligent marketers. A good understanding of PPC marketing would lead the marketer to seek out the best tools and solutions in the market, which they could leverage on for more web traffic and higher sales conversions.

These could benefit small and new businesses with a tight budget to remain competitive and relevant in the market as they could concentrate on building their business presence in the local markets before venturing into global markets. PPC campaigns are dynamic to fit the needs of businesses, small or big, in local or global platforms as they are flexible in their forms and features. It is up to the marketers or business owners to adopt an aggressive stance in PPC marketing for success.

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