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Customer Loyalty tips for small businesses

Stay in Touch with Customers for More Loyalty

Staying in touch with your customers throughout every phase of the sales process – contact, capture, sale, and follow-up – is essential if you want to generate repeat sales and increase loyalty with them.


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Thanks to the internet, it is easier to stay connected, market to, and communicate with customers than ever before. Chances are that you have more than one product or service to sell; you can make repeat business a regular thing with your customers using various online tools and strategies.

Email marketing is extremely effective when it comes to helping your business remain “top-of-mind” when your customers need your type of product or service again.

With a well-defined email marketing plan and a targeted email list, you can consistently connect with buyers who have a solid interest in the type of product or service you offer.

Email is easy to use and people check it very often throughout the day. So with a simple email, you can potentially increase foot traffic through your doors the same day.

Another way to stay in touch with your customers is via social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. While not all of your customers will connect with you on social media, a lot of them will.

Billions of people use social media today; in fact, some studies show that it is the number one online activity, surpassing search and email. So, if you’re not actively engaged on social media, now is the time to start.

The nature of customer relationships has changed significantly with the Internet. Now it is easier than ever before to keep your business at the forefront of your customers’ minds; ultimately, this deeper connection will increase sales and revenue.

Using Great Service to Drive Repeat Business

Want simple ways to keep your customers glued to your business?

Providing great service is one tactic that is often overlooked by some business owners.

Addressing customer concerns and problems quickly, responding to questions promptly, and correcting issues expeditiously are all things your customers will appreciate and remember.

If you provide great customer service consistently, it builds trust in your business, and it increases the likelihood that you’ll make sales in the future. A customer feels better about buying from a company that will address their concerns if they have a problem with the purchase.

Your customer base is a lot more likely to purchase from your company, versus a competitor (especially one they’ve never heard of), if they know you provide great service.

Always strive to under-promise and over-deliver when it comes to your products and services. Your customers will be pleasantly surprised each time and will strengthen their bond with you even further.

If you can get your customers excited about working with you, it’s a surefire way to incentivize repeat business. So always try to exceed their expectations.

Let’s face it… great service is hard to come by these days. Many business owners fail to focus on this critical aspect of their business. Therefore, it’s rare.

Because of this, good customer service will prompt your customers to spread the word about your business to others. This is usually done via social media comments/shares and good reviews on local review sites.

Customer service that is friendly, considerate, and efficient is not forgotten and can boost your customer loyalty rates higher than any other method.

Tips for Keeping Your Customers Coming Back

How do you keep your customers coming back to your website, blog, and social media pages day after day? Well, you have to implement ways to entice them and reward them for returning.

Creating high-value, high-quality, and well-researched content is one way to accomplish this goal. Content is sort of like a product, if you think about it; if you can provide your audience with better content than your competitors, they are more likely to gravitate towards your business. It’s pretty simple when you stop to think about it.

When you create blog content, or articles that you post to social media, or even content that you email out, you need to title it and format it in such a way that it is helpful and read-worthy.

Content, if it is improperly conceived, structured, formatted, and titled, can work wonders for keeping people interested and doing more business with you. So, for example, a “How-To” or “Tips” article will be a lot more interesting and share-worthy than a vague, bland, and seemingly purposeless article.

Beyond creating stellar content that your customers will love, implement special customer-only promotions and deals that make it hard for your customers to think about buying from one of your competitors.

Once you’ve got your customers hooked and on the line, start thinking of different ways you can keep them interested by making offers that are exclusive to them.

It takes a lot of thought, effort, and time to keep your existing customers loyal, but it cannot be ignored. Let’s face it… it’s much more cost-effective to generate a repeat sale than it is to generate a brand new customer.

Two Simple Ways to Boost Customer Retention

Repeat customers are the livelihood of any business; yes, that’s right. While getting “new” customers is great and should always be one of your top goals, getting “repeat customers” is even more important.

Focusing on repeat business is much less expensive than initiatives that drive towards bringing in new business. You simply save money on advertising and promotion if you can make the most of the customer base you already have.

So how do you boost loyalty with your existing customers?

One way is to reward them for doing business with you; many companies find success in loyalty & rewards programs. Giving your customers discounts is a great way to get them to do additional business with you.

In some cases, you can spur them into ordering even more than they’re already doing on a regular basis. For example, if a customer is already ordering from your company on a regular basis, then he or she will likely be inspired to order even more when given the chance save money.

So, for example, you could offer a bulk loyalty discount of one free item for every five purchased. Or, you could offer 20% off if a certain amount of money is spent each month.

It’s not enough to offer bulk discounts and rewards incentives though. Another way to boost customer retention is by showing your customers that you appreciate them on a personal level.

This might seem silly, but it really does matter to some people. Simply thanking them for their business from time to time builds credibility and trust even more.

Tips for Keeping Employees and Customers Happy

As a business owner, it can be frustrating trying to keep your business afloat, while trying to satisfy the needs of other people; specifically, your customers and your employees.

Besides providing a great product or service, how can you keep your customers happy?

Start by asking for their feedback & opinions via surveys; this is an excellent way to find out how to improve your business and make it more efficient and profitable. When you find out what your target audience wants, and you tweak your business to meet that need, then you make more money.

Asking for your customers’ opinions also shows that you care. Not only that… but it makes them feel like they’re a part of it. This, in turn, creates more loyalty.

It’s not just your customers that you need to think about though. You also need to actively investigate how happy and satisfied your employees are. What does this have to do with increasing customer retention?

Well, your employees are the people interacting with your customers every day. They’re the ones representing your business face to face. They’re important for making the whole machine run smoothly.

So if they’re unhappy, this may spill over into how well they do their jobs and treat your customers. In some cases, unhappy employees have severed customer relationships.

Having satisfied employees is just as important as finding reliable sources of parts for your products or services. It’s a critical piece of the puzzle in generate repeat business from your customers.


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