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LotCon-Advertising-Media-Buying280The progressive technologies today open up many doors of business opportunities for desperate marketers and business owners in reaching more consumers to be interested in their business brand and offers. A direct mail could be an effective marketing tool when integrated with a well designed online marketing strategy in generating organic leads that are useful and viable to business growth.

It is not surprising to note the increasing creative ways of marketing employed by aggressive marketers using the best of technologies. A well designed marketing mix could include feasible “traditional” direct mail marketing which could bring in healthy numbers of potential leads to the business.

This includes integrating blogs, article directories, social media sites, search engines and many other websites and platforms that could be instrumental to a business’s success employing cross-media marketing.

Cross-Media Marketing

Cross-media marketing is becoming more and more popular as it encompasses multiple marketing channels in conducting a more effective marketing campaign with a specific target audience. Such marketing programs are very effective as they cover a lot of scope for the business in terms of higher potential leads and sales.

There are certain key differences between cross-media marketing and conventional direct mail marketing albeit many similarities.

Direct mail marketing is personalized about each recipient with specific name and address as well as URL to direct the recipient to a personal landing page. There is a personal interaction with recipients who are directed to an appropriate landing page with quality content. This would empower them to explore more intensely about the business products and services. There would also be certain useful links to various social media networks that provide more opportunities to engage with customers and subscribers. These landing pages are responsive for an easy access through desktops and mobile devices.

Direct mail on cross-media marketing offers a variety of options for measurability and tracking of response rates. There would be appropriate reports to reveal the status of every marketing campaign that would be instrumental in developing future successful campaigns.

A lot of benefits could come through cross-media marketing that would benefit the business and marketer.

1) Clearer Targets for the Business

Cross-media marketing is very dynamic in targeting an identified audience or segments of it to benefit the business. Direct mail marketing could be incorporated to offer personalized mails to this identified segmented group with pURL and QR codes leading the recipients to their personalized landing pages directly.

Hence, the marketing efforts would be more focused and successful without wasting unnecessary time and effort on uninterested leads for a particular product or service promoted. Faster results could be secured with more attractive ROIs that satisfy marketers based on the cost incurred.

2) Reliable and Accurate Tracking

Cross-media marketing with direct mail offers marketing results that could be readily monitored and tracked in real time to give accurate information about the market and the success of the marketing campaign. Detailed information about every visitor to the website is captured and collated, including page visits and link clicks with opt-in and survey responses if executed.

Direct mail in cross-media marketing measures responses on every marketing campaign to understand the successful elements that could be applied to future campaigns to enjoy higher success.

3) Flexible Marketing Options

There is a higher flexibility with direct mail marketing that could engage a simple postcard or a multipage brochure. Multiple campaign phases could be implemented towards the same targeted niche markets via cross-media platforms.

Such a marketing approach proves to be stimulating and interesting to the targeted audience with results from earlier phases to benefit subsequent phases. This would allow enhancements to subsequent marketing strategies to be fine tuned for higher improvements. Different direct mail components could be sent out to differently directed segments for testing response rates on print media types.

4) Costing and Budget Management

Direct mails in cross-media marketing approaches could be traced and tracked for better accountability in cost and ROIs. Marketers would be informed of the number of mails sent out with a precise cost of each mail and the number of responses from targeted recipients.

These marketing figures allow marketers a more accurate ROI analysis from any marketing campaign to improve business bottom lines readily besides ensuring a close watch on the marketing budget.

5) Enhanced Print Components

It is not surprising that direct mails would propel forward via cross-media marketing as print technology improves with dynamic print solutions such as advanced print techniques and software.

A well planned print and digital marketing campaigns enjoy simpler and cheaper marketing tools that bring on higher ROIs that satisfy businesses. Traditional printers who jump on the cross-media bandwagon faster would overcome the hurdle with the latest technologies readily available.

Successful Cross-Media Marketing Campaign

The key factor in a successful cross-media marketing campaign has to be proper organization of the lists which must be accurate and targeted, even if segmented. Landing pages must include call to action features such as sign-up forms or opt-in options for web visitors to be on the business mailing list as consenting subscribers.

Using an auto-responder system would be a plus point for successful cross-media marketing with direct mails upgraded where a systematic follow-up is executed for every opt-in subscriber. Analytical reports of every marketing campaign are evaluated for improvements on future marketing campaigns.

Direct mail holds a prominent position in direct marketing with a high hand on printed marketing communications that could enhance ROIs when integrated with appropriate digital channels. Consumer responses and sales conversion rates improve enough to benefit businesses in securing their market positions. This happens when printed direct mail combines effectively with well designed emails and personalized web pages (PURLs) as well as emerging mobile elements.


Cross-media marketing with direct mails incorporated proves to be an essential marketing tool for any aggressive Internet marketer to enjoy higher returns via advanced integrated marketing technology.

Traditional printers who embrace advanced technologies to position direct mail marketing further in today’s aggressive marketing trends would be shaping the global market with a synergy that favor both consumers and businesses.

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