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Viral selling is what every company is hoping for to strike it rich in the market with one or more of their products or services. Though this term is new, it is an extremely powerful marketing strategy which may come in the least expected avenue.

Modern day companies are clamoring for the potent marketing formula which can be a killer marketing strategy that drives hoards of traffic to their web business site and increase sales conversions to high profits. This is what viral selling promises, but it can be an elusive marketing strategy as it depends on the responses of the web consumers who receive the business marketing email.

Social Media Marketing

Modern marketers who indulge in social media networks understand the huge role which social media marketing plays today in attracting targeted audiences to the web business. This is crucial in keeping the business relevant in the market with positive sales and profits. The presence of social media networks is crucial to the support of businesses in the market. This is viewed as a dynamic marketing tool with millions of potential leads to fuel the business day and night, year after year as more consumers join the fray.

Smart marketers and business owners today are not just manipulating the best of social media networks as a powerful media tool to promote their business, products and services; social media networks are manipulated to boost market presence and enhance branding of the business.

Marketers can identify clearly the types of potential leads from the millions in popular social media networking sites to sustain their Internet businesses; if not to expand and grow it to another higher level.

However, innovative marketers and online business owners today are synergizing social media networks with viral selling to get the big breakthrough in the market.

Synergized Entities

The power of viral marketing involves sharing or forwarding the business message to circles of influence and contacts in a web user’s list. This word-of-mouth marketing strategy is dynamic and vibrant with a life of its own. There is no plan or guideline from the originator whose sole intention was to update and inform a targeted crowd of the latest business offerings.

However, the right words, image, visual or audio presentation of the business message can prove to be very captivating that it can turn viral. Its marketing contents would generate a lot of hype and buzz to cause the whole cyber world talking about it via email and text messages or phone calls. When the marketing message is so well received by one and forwarded to another trusted contact, it is possible to spread the excitement and curiosity that spurs viral marketing.

Viral marketing can spread like wildfire across the social media networks without control. Hence, companies considering viral marketing need to be prepared for the consequences which may be too much for them to handle if they do not have the right manpower, expertise and resources. Otherwise, a backlash may happen to adversely impact the companies which leave a bad scar that is hard to erase. A bad reputation and decreased confidence in the company can spring on if the companies are unable to handle the huge wave from viral marketing.

It can be very mind-boggling to try to conceive the exact number of recipients in a viral marketing strategy, as no one can really calculate the exact number of contacts in a web consumer’s contact list. But if the list is fully activated with each consumer, millions of consumers would be updated on the business message within minutes.

The company can be flooded by calls and orders on the promotional product or service which must be ready to be rolled out to consumers according to the terms and conditions.

Planning Viral Marketing

It may be a daunting task to plan a viral marketing strategy unless one has some experience, but there are no guarantees as the success depends on many factors.

The marketing contents must be well worded or presented if in audio/video form which is the best option for viral marketing to be really effective for modern day consumers who prefer such input over text formats. The promotional video must be interesting, short and captivating not only to secure the attention of the viewer, but also to compel the viewer to take on a couple of actions; one, the viewer would forward the promotional video to others in their contact list and second, the viewer would exercise its purchasing power to support the business through a confirmed sale. This would be the ultimate objective of viral marketing with social media network environment.

The first group of targeted audience is extremely vital to the success of viral marketing as this group of consumers would determine success or failure by their participation or lack of it. If the promotional material is so compelling, these first hand recipients would forward or share the message to others on their social media directories; and a viral marketing effect would ensue.

However, if this group is nonchalant about the promotion, the marketing campaign ends right there. Hence, smart Internet marketers must identify the most favorable target audience to send off their first promotional message to generate a viral effect. This first group need not be large but should comprise mainly loyal customers who support the business.

Time and effort are needed to prepare an effective viral, marketing strategy to avoid a backlash. The market is too competitive today for second chances on flopped viral marketing attempts even with big market players. A hard fall makes it difficult for the player to return to grace in any short period of time.


If viral marketing combines successfully with social media networks, the Internet business stands to enjoy huge gains; even if it is a one-time event. However, with the experience, Internet marketers or business owners would be able to generate most viral marketing campaigns via social media networks if the preparations are well done and the team is ready for the consequences, whichever way the campaign goes.