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You’ve probably seen customer loyalty cards before. Buy ten coffees, get the eleventh for free.

In fact, you probably have a few lying around in your drawers or in the back pockets of your jeans.

Customer loyalty cards are a great way to reward your loyal customers all the while creating a personal shopping experience in your store or business.

Customer loyalty cards come in a variety of different options depending on what works best for your store or your customers. So read on to find the customer loyalty program to best benefit your business.

• Customer Loyalty Punch Cards
These act as the buy 10, get the 11th free cards. They work by stamping or punching the card each time a purchase is made. They are best for stores where customers are constantly purchasing the same thing, such as coffees, movies, or sandwiches.

• Different Levels of Membership Cards
Think Gold, Silver and Platinum membership cards. The great thing about these cards is that you can charge your customers to become a member. Offer better benefits to the Platinum members such as larger discounts or buy three, get one free motives.

Membership cards on different levels are great for large superstores, furniture stores or any other high scale store.

• VIP Customer Cards
These are similar to different level of membership card expect they do not have different levels. Offer your Very Important Clients specials and savings.

For example, a VIP customer card could promote 20 per cent of shoes, 10 per cent of jeans and 15 per cent of shirts, if your business was a clothing store.

• Customer Loyalty Discount Cards
These work by giving a discount to anyone who has one. Loyalty discount cards or “customer appreciation cards” are nothing more than a business card where a 10-20 per cent discount is offered to customers who flash the card.

Show those loyal customers you really care about their service by automatically giving them the 10 per cent discount without making them flash their card. They will be hooked for life!

• Customer Loyalty Point System
These cards use the point systems. For every purchase, there is a certain amount of points allocated to it. Then, a certain amount of points will get you stuff for free.

This could be products or money towards purchases. For example, many stores suggest that every 10,000 points earned will give you $10 off your next purchase.

Customer loyalty cards are a great way to rope in your customers all the while making them feel special.

Customer loyalty cards ensure that your customer will choose to shop at your store instead of any other store. Often, even if your store is further away or a little pricier than your competition, a loyal customer carrying their customer service discount card will still opt to spend the extra time and money and buy from you.

So look into a customer service loyalty program to keep your customers coming back for more.